How We Quadrupled a Client's Traffic in Under 12 Months

Google Search Console graph showing a rise in organic traffic over a 12 month period.

What We Did

When we were first brought onto the scene, our client was only getting an estimated 10-15 clicks a day with roughly ~300 visitors a month.

SemRush estimated monthly traffic in May 2022 for a client.

We analyzed and crawled the client website to discover that there were a handful of 404 pages, dead links, and a lot of unoptimized, poorly written content in general. This was in the CBD industry by the way, so it’s pretty competitive as far as SEO goes.

We had our work cut out for us.

Improved URL, Site Structure, and Navigation

Not only were there a lot of missing pages and broken links, but there were problems with the URL structure as well – there were unnecessary sub-URLs and other small issues that weren’t optimal for SEO, like delta8-gummies” instead of delta-8-gummies”.

Fixed On-Page SEO

After we got done improving the structure and navigation of the site, we started reworking the individual pages. This included re-doing the H tags, adding alt image text, and rewriting some of the content to name a few things.

Keyword Research and Blog Development

When we got all the basics out of the way and fixed the foundation of the website, it was time to start adding content.

We laid out our plan to start building topical authority on certain cornerstone subjects and then came up with keyword clusters for each article that would help target multiple variations of individual search queries.

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