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On-Page SEO is when you optimize each individual page to rank for particular keywords.

We will tailor a strategy that targets the most relevant keywords for your business and help create the corresponding content required to start ranking. Depending on the difficulty (competitiveness) of certain industry keywords, good content may or may not be enough to start ranking well enough to make a difference.

This is where link building and blog development come into play to help build credibility and topical authority across search engines.

Keyword research prepares you for what you need to write about in order to attract the right visitors to your website.

We will help come up with a list of target keywords for your business that are relevant to your industry and have a volume of monthly searches. We can also help build topical authority through a blog and find long-tail keywords (low-hanging fruit) to target.

A competitor analysis compares you with your competitors across Google.

Our competitor analysis compares your website with your local and national competitors to see what they are doing to rank well and drive traffic to their business. By comparing your website to your competitors, we are able to discover opportunities to outperform and create better content.

Your site structure refers to the navigational hierarchy of your website and how you organize your site's content.

Having a solid site structure allows users and search engines (like Google) to have an easier time understanding your website. This helps impact your rankings as it makes it easier for search engines to discover your content and index the appropriate pages for the corresponding keywords/search queries.

We can help optimize your website’s structure and make it more accessible for users and search engines.

Link building is the process of getting another website to link back to yours.

Link building is an important aspect of SEO because it signals to Google that your website is more trustworthy. It’s also important to note that the quality of backlinks are important too – a high-authority site that is in the same industry linking to you is way more valuable than a spammy link on some random xyz website. Think of it like writing a paper and having citations or references at the end.

You can find a lot of these “blackhat” backlink services on the web for cheap, but these will typically cause more harm than good. Building a proper backlink profile takes time and effort to do it organically, although having a budget can speed things along.

Blog development helps you build your topical authority across search engines while also allowing to target less competitive long-tail keywords.

Building trust with your audience and authority with Google is a very important factor when it comes to ranking well.

By building trust, your readers will finish the entire article and will be more likely to engage with the rest of your website and read more. We will help by coming up with topics and keywords to target and write about, while also writing the content in a manner that is engaging, yet professional and authoritative.

Local SEO optimizes your website to start appearing for searches in your area or a particular city/place.

It’s important to rank locally for your business’s keywords. If you own a restaurant or a store and need customers to be able to find you. If you are a dentist or have law office and want prospective clients to be able to find you locally. Maybe you have multiple locations and want to rank locally for each different location – there are a variety of ways how local SEO can help your online searches.

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Auditing Your Website

Titles, H Tags, Meta, Alt Text

We will review some of the factors that help contribute to the foundation of your website’s search engine optimization.

URL/Site Structure

We will review the URLs and structure of your website and help to optimize both for an easier experience for visitors and search engines.

Internal Linking/Navigation

We will review the navigation and usage of internal linking throughout your website and provide recommendations, feedback, and optimizations.

Backlink Overview

We will review the current backlink profile for your website and analyze the toxicity score of the linking domains while building an outreach list.

Why Hire Us For Your SEO?

It’s important to know the people you are working with – whether you are hiring an employee or outsourcing to a 3rd party. We’ll get to know you personally while we learn as much as we can about your business, all while maintaining a transparent and professional relationship.

We understand that every business has something unique to offer, even if they are in the same industry. That’s why we provide custom-tailored SEO services to all of our clients so you can truly feel taken care of.

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